YouTube video ranking

The search engine of the well-known YouTube network, used to promote video content through a personal account or channel, works in automatic mode. She conducts the so-called ranking — providing a list of video files for certain user requests based on certain criteria. Their implementation allows the user to promote their own content in the TOP of the search results, thus increasing its popularity. Here’s what the main parameters look like to ensure a high ranking on YouTube for a video.

Number of views

Quite understandable and well known to all parameters. Its value is displayed in online format under each video presented on the network. Unfortunately, today it is losing its position of relevance for ranking by a robotic system in view of its use for cheating by bots and one-day accounts.

Hold in active view mode

This is what, according to the compilers of the TOP rating, is considered direct evidence that this video content is popular, interesting and in demand among network users. In addition, it carries several functions simultaneously:

  • • Quantitative viewing as such — it is impossible to watch a video without opening it.
  • • Assessment of relevance for a certain category of users — obviously not interesting video clip will be disconnected immediately by some or viewed from beginning to end by other clients of the network.

All these parameters are now taken into account by the robot down to a second and play an important role when ranking in the list of popularity or spam.

Availability of reposts

Reposts today are quoted higher than classic likes. To litter your pages and accounts with uninteresting information, there are not many who want to even for money.

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